Tell Netflix RPS is Good and To Buy a Lot!

Repost from the good people who are responsible for this fine film (not the unpaid talent – they don’t really care):

RPS DVD will be available to rent in the new year from Netflix but we need your help!

We need as many people to add the film to their Netflix queue. The more queues its in the more DVDs they will order from our distributor and the more effort they will put behind it’s distribution. You (and your friends and family) don’t even need to ever actually rent the movie (obviously we’d encourage you to do so because it’s awesome) so even if you’ve seen it please still add it to your queue!

We need 5000+ people so every person counts. Please forward to this on, add it to your blog, stick in on a message board and tweet with abandon. Find the release on Netflix and add it today!

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