The Paper Tiger Sinks His Teeth Into the Competition at the Dive!

The Paper Tiger (extreme close up at right) had been on a bit of a cold streak to start off the 2010 season.  But that all changed at the Dive last night, as he stalked his prey and attacked them all with vicious strategy and deadly dexterity.  His last victim on the night was Harper Lee, who was practically eaten alive in the Championship match, going down in three straight sets to give Paper Tiger his first tournament win of 2010.  Many other notable players are hoping to follow the Paper Tiger’s lead and emerge from their early season slump in the same manner (you know who you are).

Rookie player Bill (at left, with Pabst Blue Ribbon) made it only to round 2 of the regular tourney, which is one round further than most rookies make it on their first night.  But he did plenty good at Street RPS, using the “all in” strategy that has been perfected by two-time World Championship Street Champ Yanis.  Bill ended up with a total of $74 to beat out That’s What She Said for that title on the night. 

A bit of trivia to end the week: this week marks first time since May 4th, 2006 that there has been a week of competition where at least one member of the Majestic 12 did not compete.

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  1. Dick Nasty says:

    Congrats Paper Tiger. Now I wish that I would have stuck around a little longer that night.

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