Total Domination for RPS Speedwagon at Gallagher’s!

For the first time this season, it was an all-RPS Speedwagon finals.  It came down to Sir Faust (at right with delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon) and Mr. Dick Nasty.  The good Sir (perhaps powered by his tasty beverage) found Mr. Nasty to be, well, not so nasty and took him down easily in the finals 3 matches to 0.  Shutout city.  On the bright side, it got Richard Nasty out of the slump that he started the season off with.  And RPS speedwagon got at least 14 points to add to their season-leading team score.

Don’t feel too bad for Dick Nasty, because he did win the Street Rock Paper Scissors tournament on the night (that’s him to the left).  So good job!  Even though you didn’t win the real thing you still got just as many points as Sir Faust thanks to these extra two.

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