Week 4 Starts Tonight at Gallagher’s!

The conclusion of this week will already mark the halfway point of the 2010 season.  To start it off right, head on up to Gallagher’s at 22nd and Spring Garden – there’s RPS, free pool, and it’s the only RPS venue with a kitchen!  Those of you looking for points would be wise to heed this advice.

Registration starts at 9 and competition around 9:30ish.

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  1. J Martin Hill says:

    If we take a look at the 2010 team standings, you’ll see that there are only two ways to challenge RPS Speedwagon at this point. A) The top four teams below them need to form one massive team. Even if that team were to start at 0 and RPS Speedwagon continued scoring points at their current rate, the combined pull of all four teams could reach somewhere around 340, topping RPS Speedwagon’s projected 250 point total by the end of the season. B) We can start slashing tires. However, while this strategy requires much less effort, it is illegal, and I’m pretty sure they walk or take mass transit. So, it’s either a massive team forms quickly, someone spends a night in jail or RPS Speedwagon is going to stroll trough the second half with a solid lead.

  2. urbanus says:

    I’m not going to say too much, but there is a way in Mr. Hill’s scenario where this team would start with more than zero points.

    Also – a reminder that only a team’s top four players at any tournament receive credit toward the team total.

  3. J Martin Hill says:

    Urbanus is correct. I’m just going by current points scored, probability, attendance factor and Vegas odds (not counting off shore RPS betting outlets in Costa Rick). RPS Speedwagon’s solid attendance rate and sheer numbers has put them in a comfortable position… much like the one the Boston Bruins were in less than a week ago.

  4. J Martin Hill says:

    *Costa Rica…

  5. BPac says:

    This is the dawn of a new era!

  6. SirFaust says:

    RPS Speedwagon is unstoppable! Mwahahahaha!

  7. dOGulas says:

    Funny, I recall stopping almost all of you last week.

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