Dr. Dre Takes The Lead for Rookie of the Year With a Win at Dirty Franks!

Dr. Dre (on Left, meeting one of her adoring fans) moved into first place for Rookie of the Year with a double points week win at Dirty Franks.  The good doctor was once considered a longshot for the award, but now has moved up 6 points on The One Armed Scissor and 10 points on Jayne Doe with two tournaments left.

Anyway, Dr. Dre won in the finals against Dirty Dozen coach Von Damonator.  VD has, of course, played in almost every Rock Paper Scissors Tournament at Dirty Franks since 2007 and had yet to win one on his home turf.  But it wasn’t to be as a “heartbroken” Von Damonator threw a Scissor that he claimed later he knew not to throw but couldn’t help himself.

After her victory, Dr. Dre quickly answered some questions while the whole neighborhood watched about cabby, TV’s & sh*t, that box in your room En Vogue, and a variety of other subjects from RPS beat reporters Duck Mouth and Bootney Lee Farnsworth.  Post-interview she received her prize – a $20 gift certificate to  The Compton Swap Meet Dirty Franks!

And it seems that RPS wonders will never cease!  Paper Tiger came up on loot and broke an almost full 6 season Street RPS cold Street and won that for the first time ever.  He racked up a mighty $181, which defeated The One Armed Scissor by a little over 100.  This initial win comes at a good time for the Paper Tiger as he still trails Dick Nasty in total points by 14 with two games to go.  In a week that isn’t typically kind to Paper Tiger (11, 24, 6, 6, 16 points the last five double points weeks) he’s placed 2nd and won street so far to give himself a chance.

2 Responsesto “Dr. Dre Takes The Lead for Rookie of the Year With a Win at Dirty Franks!”

  1. papertiger says:

    whoot! I’m coming for you, Nasty!

  2. Dick Nasty says:

    And come you have… wait that sounds… nasty.

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