Dr. Hambone Breaks Out of His Slump at the El Bar!

Much like Thursday winner dOGulas, the early part of the 2011 season has not been kind to Dr. Hambone (the PBRPRPSCLCS 2009 Rookie of the Year).

But all players go through ups and downs during the season (Paper Tiger and Dick Nasty are currently trending downward it seems after a fast start) and the good Doctor’s persistence strategy paid off big time at The El Bar. He made it all the way to the finals to play Razz-Ma-Tazz, who signed up with the El Bar’s home team Cock-Raper-Jizzers.  That made it two tournaments in a row that a  CRJ player got to the finals.  But then Razz-Ma-Tazz made a curious choice.

Razz-Ma-Tazz decided to play the Championship match via telepresence, with the exception of both tele and presence.  The ref on duty sums up the match as such:

Razz-Ma-Tazz  quickly lost the first match.  He won the 2nd game easily as well.  The 3rd game started with a tie.  That usually rattles hambone.  And it did.  He went on to lose the 3rd game.  The crowd did appreciate that there would be no shut out.  The 4th game we saw 5 straight ties, and a requisite PBR time-out.  Hambone had Raz Ma Tazz shaken – Raz threw a flat scissor.  I had to give him a warning card.  But Raz held on to beat Hambone.  In the 5th and final frame, hambone came out swinging and won the first throw.  But then curiously hambone threw a vertical paper.  One throw away from victory and this seasoned professional flubbed a throw.  It happens to the best of us.  Raz threw scissors anyway.  The crowd slow claps to frenzy and Hambone wins.

Dr. Hambone then drank an ePabst to celebrate.

Street RPS was won by Dick Nasty, as usual.  C’mon, people!

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