Horne´ Gets Busy at the El Bar!

Horne´ (at left, middle) from the Blackout Motherf*ckers won her first title of the year to kick off week 5 at the El Bar (don’t forget – no tournament at the El Bar on Memorial Day).  She came up against Frankie 13 in the finals, but after giving it up (the first point) in every match, Horne´ climbed back on top and then rode her way to victory, by the count of 3 matches to 0.

It was apparently a strange night where people came, signed up, maybe played, maybe left and maybe stuck around, maybe played and then maybe left.  But anyway, good job Horne´, who popped her RPS winning you-know-what.

Anyway, Dick Nasty won Street RPS like always.  Word on the actual street is that there is talk about players just flat-out refusing to play any street RPS games against him pretty soon (maybe as soon as tonight).  This one was close, as he beat Sweetji by just a tiny bit and Dr. Dre by more.  But Dick Nasty still won.

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