Mr. Is is a Champion Again – But This Time Just at the Raven Lounge and not All of Philadelphia!

2008 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion Mr. Is (top of that picture over there) is back from spending most of her year where very few want to spend most of their year and she made the most of it last night at the Raven!

She made it to the finals against a fine new player Some Guy Awesome and the former Champ really strutted her RPS stuff, beating the new fella kind of handily by a count of 3 matches to 1.  It was the first during the regular season win for the 2008 Champ and when the press met with the PBRPRPSCLCS they were like “really?  Mr. Is won?”.

Also of note – the first time ever at a City League tournament someone insisted that they dance on the pole that’s up on the stage.  Yup, that happened and the crowd loved it.

Iwaranger won the Street RPS tournament on the night.  He pretty much had double what Dr. Dre turned in.  Iwaranger was happy, and Dr. Dre was very sad.  But keep your head up, Dr, Dre.  Anything can happen on Championship Saturday (that’s a week from Saturday!).

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