Parchment Funkadelic Gets Up For the Down Stroke at Dirty Franks in November!

November saw RPS return to Dirty Franks for the first time since September!

It was a fun and a little bit sad night of RPS, as it marked the final tournament for veteran B-Pac (who lost in the 1st round), until he decides that living in the middle of New York state is no good and returns to Philadelphia.  But that’s probably still a way off.  Until then, the Philly RPS scene will miss him.

The finals on the night ended up as a match between Hand Turkey and rookie player Parchment Funkadelic (at left, enjoying delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon).  It was a fine match, full of many surprises (rocks still tie!) but Parchment Funkadelic went all Dr. Funkenstein on Hand Turkey and finally tore the roof off the match and returned to Chocolate City with a victory.  Well done, Parchment Funkadelic! (not so well done, Hand Turkey!)

PJ Rhymeswithsausage (at right, enjoying delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon) showed up and used his gift certificate from September, and left with a new gift certificate in hand.  He won the street RPS tourney once again and there really isn’t much more to say because that happens fairly frequently.

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