RPS Speedwagon Sweeps at New Mako’s in October!

After a long time of asking about it, Mako’s finally got a RPS tournament.  Then the week before they moved across the street to where Blarney South was/still is.  Some veteran players of the 2006 season may remember this as the place a certain Australian RPS player was flagged in the aftermath of the Brazil-Aussie World Cup match when the player ordered a beer after taking off their shoes and putting their head down on the bar for a bit.

So anyway, the tourney went down on the 2nd floor of New Mako’s, which apparently used to be some weird hookah room, which was actually quite a nice little space for RPS despite it’s strange decorations and many, many hookahs.  There may be something to this new strategy the Ultimate Bad Guy used to win it the month before, because she made it to the final four again (this doesn’t usually happen).  But the finals came down to Dick Nasty and a new player called T-shirt.  Dick Nasty took that T-Shirt to the cleaners (you wouldn’t have been able to resist that one either) in the finals and added another notch to his nightly title belt.

His teammate Hambone (he lost the Dr. in a RPS bet last season) won Street RPS to give all the prizes on the night to RPS Speedwagon, which has never happened before, I think.

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  1. BPac says:

    it most certainly has happened before!

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