Scissors Blizzard Overcomes Many, Many Justin Bieber Jokes to Win at Teri’s!

A good deal of good old The Majestic 12 showed up to close out week #5 at Teri’s.  And while most of the old school members fell by the wayside in round #2, Scissors Blizzard made it to the finals to take on Jayne Doe from the Blackout Motherf*ckers.

It was the 2nd finals in three tries on the week (with a 3rd round exit the other time) for Jayne Doe, so a win would cap off a pretty good week.  But it was not to be, as the Scissors Blizzard (middle, raising PBR in victory) took her down.  It was the 2nd time that Jayne Doe got beat this week by the most veteran of all veteran Philly players who’ve been playing since the 1st PBRPRPSCLCS season.  The always smiling and sometimes scissors-throwing Scissors Blizzard was beloved by the crowd (they sure did talk about it) for looking a bit like their favorite little pop star Justin Beiber.  The PBRPRPSCLCS contends that it’s actually Beiber ripping off Sizz Blizz because it was his style first, but whatever.

Even though she lost, Jayne Doe still added 15 points in just one week and is all of a sudden right in the thick of the Rookie of the Year race.

Look who’s on the site – it’s someone from Cock-Raper-Jizzers.  Dr. Dre (left) , who’s tried many, many inventive ways to boost her point total this year, turned in the most street money.  She ended up outscoring newcomer Captain Rock by a count of 103-78on the night and with that got herself up near the front of the Rookie of the Year standings.  It looks like the RotY race is going to be exciting with 3 weeks left!

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