Silly Putty Repeats at Dirty Franks!

For the first time since Gizmo did it at the beginning of the 2008 season (look at all those Paper Cuts!) we have a repeat Champ at Dirty Franks.  This time it’s Madame Silly Putty of the Good the Bad and the Ugly.  She made it to the finals against the Panty Bandit and then took control of that game and total points for 2011 (Paper Tiger is sad, left).  There’s never been a three-peat before.  Maybe there will be next week!

Panty Bandit still did pretty good – just like the rest of her team.  With the Exception of Silly Putty, the night was dominated by the Blackout Motherf*ckers.  They sent all five players on to round two and then sent all those same players on to round 3 (and the only reason they lost one in round 3 was because they had to play each other).

The Blackouts may not have promised to be the winningest team this season, but they did promise to be the drunkest team this season.  They may very well get a trophy for this feat if the great judger of who is the drunkest team decides they live up to the hype from here on out.  But they’ll really have to go above and beyond to impress in this matter.

Yup, Dick Nasty won Street again.  Look at how bored he is of winning this all the time.

The Blackouts did call him a something that rhymes with shussy for playing it safe when he knew he was in the lead.  But sometimes you just have to know when to hold ‘em (street bucks, that is).

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