Stevie One-Der Sees His Way to Victory in October!

Stevie One-Der, a member of the Monsters of Rock, won the first tournament of his  brief career at the October tournament at Dirty Franks.  He overcame some irregular primes, some untimely penalty calls against him (due to said irregular primes) and was even on the right side of a iffy call by the ref to make it all the way to the finals against Silly Putty.  It was smooth sailing from there (well except for maybe some herky-jerky but still legal primes) as Mr. One-der enjoyed a victory, as well as a delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Perhaps not uncoincidentally, Stevie One-Der is a journalist during non-rps hours and had interviewed the PBRPRPSCLCS commissioner about RPS strategy just a few days before.  And with this guidance fresh in his mind and his notebook he immediately won a tournament.  Makes you think, right?

Silly Putty still had the chance to win something at Dirty Franks, as she was also required to play Dick Nasty for the Street Rock Paper Scissors Championship on the night after a very questionable delay in turning in her winnings.  But it just wasn’t her night as Mr. Nasty (at left, surrounded mostly by people who are not on his team) took her down in what is believed to have been a full-on Hustler Style match to claim street RPS victory.  Said a deflated Silly Putty after the match, in the direction of no one, “now I feel like a real Mr. Strawberry”.

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  1. female ninja whore says:

    So glad to finally hear some up-to-date RPS news! Sorry, Madame, but that was funny about the Mr. Strawberry. Hope to come play with you again soon.

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