The New Guys Show Everyone How It’s Done at Dirty Franks!

There were a lot of 1st time players out at Dirty Franks last night, which is rare for week 7, but not unheard of.  Everyone knows that the strain of a long RPS season starts to take it’s toll mentally and physically on the players around this time and the newcomers used that knowledge to their advantage.

Most (I said most – don’t yell at me) of the top scorers on the season were eliminated in round one to the noobies and that was a trend that would continue all night, right up until the finals between the aptly nicknamed George and Gabe.  They were, if not teammates, then at least part of some loose confederation of one-named people.  They weren’t the Real Name Brigade unless they sign up Bill, Pamela or Tommy, so stop saying that.  Anyway, the final match was a blowout and Gabe took it without much of a problem by a count of 3-0.  Also of note, I believe Gabe got Dick Nasty with his own psyche-out handshake after he beat him and Dick Nasty never saw it coming.

Phantom Fonzie’s Fanta Fountain had the most letters and syllables in his name and at the end of the night also had the most Street RPS money in his pocket by, like, a lot.  he won with a total of 230 fake bills which is a good good night on the street.  Phantom Fonzie’s Fanta Fountain then donned the mask you see in the picture, but I don’t think anyone would reconize him anyway (Hand Turkey can’t even figure it out!).  I’ve never seen the guy play before.

Some of the money had a little accident and was taken out of circulation, but that’s just what happens sometimes with Street RPS.

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  1. LoDiz says:

    ummm…yea who burns street money?!?!?! don’t they realize thats like burning a flag to some!!!

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