#3 Defeats Enrico Pallatzo in First Ever Husband-Wife Finals, Dick Nasty Takes Command of Season Street Chase.

The last Wednesday of the 2012 season brought the first ever finals between two married folks (exciting!), as former Blacksmith’s Apron Teammates (and current life teammates) #3 and Enrico Pallatzo met up in the finals.  In a result that surprised no one (not ever Mr. Pallatzo himself), #3 defeated Enrico Pallatzo quite handily in the finals to claim her first ever tournament victory.  Even better for her, it came during Double Points Week so she adds a mighty 16 points to her season totals.

In Street RPS news, Jayne Doe and Dick Nasty have been neck-and-neck to this point in the season with it all on the line this week for who would claim that prize at the end of the season.  Jayne Doe had really been working the team angle this week (it is called Street RPS, after all) so Dick Nasty decided lay it all on the line with a Hustler-Style match for all the street bucks on the night and essentially the win for the season.  As you can tell by the photo to the left, Mr. Nasty, the 2011 Street Champ, took the match and is over 200 fake dollar bills ahead with only one tournament to go tonight at Connie’s Ric Rac and on the verge of a repeat season Street championship?  Can Jayne Doe pull of the miracle comeback?  Find out at the last tournament of the 2012 season tonight at the Ric Rac!

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