Blackout Motherf*ckers Continue to Rock Hard at Dirty Franks!

Another day, another Championship match between a member of the Blackout Motherf*ckers and B-Pac Presents RPS Speedwagon.  This time it wasn’t Dick Nasty vs Frankie 13 or Jayne Doe vs Hambone BSN, but founding Blackout member Rock Hard vs. 127 Hours, the newest member of the Speedwagon.

It was the first appearance in a final match for 127 Hours, who is currently in the lead for Rookie of the Year honors.  But this was not the first finals this season for Rock Hard, who won at Frank’s in week 1 and lost in the finals just the night before at El Bar vs Speedwagoner One Armed Scissor.

The final match did not disappoint.  Rock Hard jumped out to a quick 2 match to 0 lead, but 127 Hours stopped the bleeding long enough to require Rock Hard go on to a 5th and final set.  That one started with a quick point for Rock Hard and just when everyone thought 127 Hours was going to tie it up…she didn’t.  Rock Hard won a hard fought match and got his 2nd win at Dirty Frank’s this year.  Rock Hard has played 5 times this year and has made the finals in 3 of them.  Not only that, but the Blackout Motherf*ckers have won 3 out of 5 at Dirty Franks and it would have been 4 out of 5 if Frankie 13 could have finished off Paper Chase a few weeks ago.

Sir Faust (at left, wearing hat) was the best dressed guy in the house and his sharp dressed man-ness must have really distracted all the people who played him at Street RPS (dOGulas included) because he won by a lot.

This is how it seems to be going: Blackouts win tournament, Speedwagon wins Street.  Speedwagon wins tournament, Blackouts win street.  It’s keeping the team points race interesting towards the end of the season, which isn’t really something that has been said since team points became a thing back in 2008.

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