Jayne Doe Wins #2 of the Week, Makes Her Way Up to #2 on the Season at Connie’s Ric Rac!

It turned out to be a pretty good week for Jayne Doe (left), as she won the Monday night tournament and then closed the week with another win at the Ric Rac.  But it wasn’t easy since there were a bunch of the Heart Cutters there, a new and impressive team called  The Temple Towers, and one player (Popcorn Fingers) who won the very unofficial Most Improved Player From Week 1 award.

Despite all that, Jayne Doe got to the finals and faced Vlad of the aforementioned The Temple Towers, who knocked out crowd favorite Swede-Heart to make it there.  Vlad didn’t make it easy on Jayne Doe, taking here all the way down to the last throw in the final match.  But the old vet (well, almost 1 year vet) took the title and after winning zero tournaments last year has now won a full 1/4 of the ones held this season.  Vlad looked a little depressed after the loss (wouldn’t you be?) but making the final round your first night is pretty good.

The Street RPS tournament was pretty ho-hum after awhile, since one guy took most of that money off of people early on.  And who was that guy?  It was dOGulas (at left, being rained on with Street RPS money)!  It was his first extra points win this season, and may or may not have been the first time he ever won the side tournament.  Well done, Mr. D.

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  1. dOGulas says:

    Nah, I’ve won Street before. Twice I think.

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