One Armed Scissor slices up the competition at El Bar!

Here’s the Monday night recap from long-time listener, 1st time referee Richard Classy:

It was a packed house last night at the El Bar as competitors came from all around the world (Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey) to get a look at Special Guest referee Richard Classy in action. All 32 tournament spots filled up quickly and some players even had to be denied entry. Sorry Hand Banana. With a lot of new players in attendance there were of course many penalties throughout the night. “I was really happy to see very strict officiating” said Frankie 13.

The final match would come down to two veteran players, each representing the two teams who are currently sitting very closely at the top of the rankings. Rock Hard of the Blackout Mother F*ckers squared off against One Armed Scissor of B-Pac Presents RPS Speedwagon.  It looked like it would be a long and grueling match as they traded some well sharpened scissors against a couple of very flat, but extra dull papers. That is as far as the exchange of blows would go though as One Armed Scissor took the first match and refused to give up a single point the rest of the game. It was a very convincing 3 matches to 0 victory.

This would prove to be an especially sweet win for One Armed Scissor. It was only one week ago that he had found himself in the finals against teammate Dick Nasty (oddly not in attendance last night) and couldn’t find his way to becoming the night’s champion. This week though he repeatedly mentioned how hungry he was for it. Or maybe he was simply just hungry?

On the Street side of things there was a lot of money (possibly all of it) in play. It would be Betty Berkowitz though who handed in the largest stack, defeating Somebody Needs a Hugulas by a score of 129 to 82. Betty refused to play for it and that might have been a wise decision as it was none other than Hugulas who knocked her out of the tournament in round 1. She received an extra 2 points towards her season total in what is shaping up to be a tight race for Rookie of the Year.

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