Paper Chase Makes Philly RPS History at Dirty Franks!

Many a player have attempted to win a RPS championship on their birthday.  Those that have tried and failed include, but are not limited to, such local RPS luminaries as Frankie 13, Scissors Blizzard, Female Ninja Whore (at the 2006 PBRPRPSCLCS Championship), and El Toro Papaya.  Some have come close, some have not, and some have fallen asleep in the bathroom (again, I won’t name names).

But on this RPS double birthday (the ref was presented with a special ice cream sundae he couldn’t eat by the PBRPRPSCLCS Players Association Leadership Committee before the tournament began) that elusive birthday championship steer was finally lassoed by none other than Paper Chase of the Dirty Dozen (at left)!  Paper Chase has played every now and then ever since the famous Atlantis to Dirty Franks mid-season migration of 2007, but had never won a championship before.  She came up against Frankie 13, who was playing really well all night and was considered a heavy favorite.  Frankie 13 took the lead quickly and was poised to spoil Paper Chase’s special day, but Paper Chase turned on the birthday RPS magic and won a come-from-behind Championship that came down to the last throw in the 5th set.  This loss did not seem to sit particularly well with Frankie 13, even though he had the built-in excuse that he let her win because it was her birthday.

Rookie player The Girl with the Paper Tattoo (at left, with special background appearance by PYT’s Tommy Up) turned up at Franks and joined up with the Heart Cutters, who are currently 3rd in team points and could use the assistance.  Even though TGWTPT (nice acronym!) is a rookie, she was hustlin’ on the street like an old pro.  From an impartial standpoint, Hambone RN seemed especially upset about losing all his fake money to her.  Anyway, she turned in the most with 104.  Von Damonator was a very distance 2nd at 40.  She got an extra 2 points, which could come in helpful since the 2012 Rookie of the Year field is wide open right now.

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