Rock Hard Rolls to Victory in Week One at Dirty Franks!

The Blackout Motherfuc*ers head a lot of players in competition at the El Bar in week 1. At Dirty Franks they only had one player represent, but it worked out a lot better for them.  Rock Hard (above) met up with Swede-Heart  (making her return to competitive RPS since she popped over to Sweden for a little bit) in a former teammate showdown.  It looks like all that training over there did her some good, ’cause she had never been in the finals before.

But Rock Hard has been training in Philly, and everyone knows that Philly is better at RPS than the Swedes.  So it came as no surprise that Rock Hard came away with a quick victory in the Championship match.  It was his first regular season victory (he did win an off season tournament against a player who had very much enjoyed her Pabst Blue Ribbon that evening).  It would have been Swede-Heart’s first ever victory, but she does look like a muchmore confident player than when she left, so it shouldn’t be too long until she gets there.

And for the first time this season (out of two nights) Mr. Street RPS from 2011, Dick Nasty, won the fake money round.  He beat out Von Damonator by just $7.  He got an extra two points, which gets him up to #3 in the standings so far, behind C. Urbanus and Rock Hard.  That also goes toward the total team points for the team now called B-Pac presents RPS  The PBRPRPSCLCS is hoping B-Pac returns very soon so it can just go back to RPS Speedwagon.

Oh, also there’s another new team.  Swede-Heart and Sweetji broke off from the Blackout Motherfuc*ers and formed the Heart Cutters.  They’re looking for recruits, so any free agent players interested – you know who to talk to.

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