Rookie Player Burke Stuns Loomer at PYT on Frankie 13’s Birthday!

The PBRPRPSCLCS kicked things off for the first time ever at PYT on Wednesday and PYT delivered a thriller of a final match.  It was Frankie 13’s birthday, and he brought a large crowd of spectators to see how he performed on his special day (final 4 appearance – not too shabby).  One of the Bday boys friends, Burke (at left), did sign up to play and immediately brought out the typical psychological warfare that people who pretend they aren’t good at RPS use like “I’ll probably lose right away” and “I’ve never really played before”.  Anyway, his projected underconfidence may have led to the downfall of some of his opponents due to their corresponding overconfidence, as he made it all the way to the finals.  And wouldn’t you know it. – Loomer’s been back two nights and he’s already in the finals.  This would only be, like, his 18th championship ever.

So this was looking like a real David vs. Goliath (of RPS) matchup.  But as they say “On any given Wednesday…” and “this is why they play the RPS games”.  It was actually a real killer of a final match that went back and forth.  First Burke was up 2 matches to 0 and then Loomer came back to tie it up.  Then Burke took the first point of the second set and then Loomer tied it up and then Burke made the throw of his life (so far) and pulled off the huge upset.  Good job, Burke!  Not so good a job, Loomer!

And look at that, Dick Nasty won the street tournament again which surprises almost nobody.  He’s now got a 1 point lead in total points through 3 nights, and he’s doing it the same way he finished at the top last year – not by doing terribly well in the tournaments, but doing really, really, really well playing Street RPS.  You may not like seeing him in this picture all the time, but you do have to street RPS respect it.

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