Silly Putty Paper-Clips First 2012 Season Victory at the El Bar!

Here’s your 2nd to last update/photoshop treat from Monday night ref J. Martin Hill.  As mentioned again at the bottom of this article, there is no RPS next Monday at The El Bar on Memorial Day.

The vicious team-point battle between rivals Blackout Motherf*ckers and B-Pac Presents RPS Speedwagon dominated the stage during the PBRPRPSCLCS week 6 opener on Monday night, but in the end, the El Bar’s 60-watt spotlight bulb was
flickering solely on Silly Putty, who took down Hugh Jassole in five rounds to win her first season tournament of 2012. Ms. Putty’s road to the final was anything but smooth. She was consistently rattled by opponents (Dr. Dre excluded) with sloppy primes, early throws and bad form, often falling behind early in matches.

Skilled RPS players like Silly Putty always come to a tournament with a plan B, and when plan B doesn’t work, skilled RPS teams will often come through with a plan C. That’s exactly what happened when 2011 PBRPRPSCLCS champion and teammate Paper Tiger came to his fiancé’s rescue with several shots of Jim Beam and there was nothing stopping Silly Putty after she became just as sloppy as her foes.

Much like kung fu’s “Drunken Fist,” RPS’s “Drunken Paper Clip” technique was designed to imitate, intimidate, frustrate and limit opponents’ options. Putty’s utilization of the approach in last night’s final was masterful. Hugh Jassole’s paper was thoroughly defeated and Silly Putty crushed a couple toolboxes worth of scissors to ink out the win.

Going back to the teams for a bit – Despite being outnumbered, the Blackouts had a somewhat successful night against B-Pac Presents RPS Speedwagon. They sent both Dr. Dre and Betty Berkowitz to the semifinals for a net value of 8 points. And they would’ve had an even more successful night if Frankie 13 hadn’t accepted Dick Nasty’s challenge to play for the night’s street RPS prize. Nasty would end up winning that match, stealing 138 street bucks and an extra 2 season points. I say “stealing” because Frankie 13 actually had more street dollars than the sneaky Mr. Nasty at the time the challenge was issued. It reminds me of those heartbreaking moments on The Price is Right, where the sweet old lady in the showcase showdown thinks the total retail value of a new Lexus and a seven-day vacation in Fiji is somewhere around

You have to give Frankie 13 some credit for thinking of his team before thinking of his own season street total. The strategic play in this situation, however, is to decline the street RPS face off, especially when the challenger is a member of the team you’re trying to catch up to. A loss here represents a four-point swing, which could end up the difference between these two teams at the end of the season.

REMINDER – There will be NO RPS at the El Bar next Monday, May 28th, due to the Memorial Day Holiday. We will resume our regular Monday night schedule on Monday, June 4th – the last week of the season, which is also “double points week.” (No decision has been made or discussed by PBRPRPSCLCS leadership concerning scoring modifications for any point during the 2012 season, so this statement is pure speculation by Referee Hill – Urbanus). We’re going to be doing something special for that last Monday night at the El Bar. Stay tuned for more details!

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