Swede-Heart Wins Her First Title at Connie’s Ric Rac!

It’s been a while since we got to say that Swede-Heart (at left with helmet and teammate Sweetji) won a championship.  OK, we’ve never been able to say that.  But now we can!  And to top it off she authored one of the most stunning comebacks that RPS has ever seen!

Swede faced off against Say Hey, J. Martin Hill in the Championship match and it was not looking good for Swede at all.  Say Hey, J. Martin Hill took the first two matches really quickly (like 4 throws quick) and then the first throw in what could have been a 3 match to 0 Championship sweep.  He only needed one winning throw.  But Swede-Heart not only came back with the next two throws to stave off elimination for another round, but she didn’t lose a throw the rest of the match!

It was a fantastic comeback for sure and Swede-Heart deserves a ton of credit.  Say Hey, J. Martin Hill was the latest to pull “The Zombie Llama”.  There have been a few times this has happened over the past 7 seasons, but it happened to Zombie Llama at the very first City League tournament and it took him over two years to recover and win a tournament.

There were a lot of Street dollars in circulation as the went out of print towards the end of the night.  It was rookie player Jimmy Jangles who came through with almost half the money out there.  The 2nd closest was Panty Bandit.  Not a bad first night for Jimmy Jangles.  He got to the 3rd round and picked up the street win.  There’s still half a season left so Rookie of the Year title/prize is still wide open.

7 Responsesto “Swede-Heart Wins Her First Title at Connie’s Ric Rac!”

  1. AmberlyJones says:

    I think it should be noted that Dick Nasty did not make it to the final round this time because some rookie knocked him out in the first round. And she’s still smiling about it.

  2. Dick Nasty says:

    It has been noted.

  3. urbanus says:

    I’ve seen Mr. Nasty go out in the 1st round plenty over the past 3 years.

  4. Dick Nasty says:


  5. AmberlyJones says:

    This was a proud moment for me. Let me have my moment!

  6. Swede says:

    If you are speaking of the winner, I am not a rookie. But this was a good night!

  7. urbanus says:

    Nah, that was about Rookie Betty Berkowitz taking Dick Nasty out 1st round.

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