Week 6 Continues to Be Kind to B-Pac Presents RPS Speedwagon as RPS and the Raisin Return to the Raven Lounge on Hipster Thrifter’s Birthday!

After acquiring all the available points on Tuesday night, B-Pac presents RPS Speedwagon gave themselves a little breathing room in the season-long battle for the most team points that they’ve been waging with the Blackout Motherf*ckers.  They added a bit more padding to that lead at the Raven Lounge on Hipster Thrifter’s birthday as the finals came down to two Speedwagoners.

This time it was Dick Nasty and Ziro, who is no stranger to making it to the finals against a teammate on Hipster Thrifter’s birthday.  But back then he was on a different team and playing a different teammate.  Dick Nasty is no stranger to playing and defeating his teammates in the finals, as his two victories this season have been against The One Armed Scissor and Hambone P.A.

So whose streak would continue, Ziro winning on Hipster Thrifter’s birthday or Mr. Nasty defeating his teammates?  Well, Dick Nasty is now 3 for 3 in the finals against teammates (0-1 against Frankie 13/Blackout Motherf*ckers) and Ziro won just one lonely throw on him the entire final match.  It was a dominating championship round by Dick Nasty.

And that wasn’t the only dominating Dick Nasty did on the night.  As happens rather frequently around here, he also won the Street RPS poirtion of the night, turning in 145.  The closest after that was 54 so he had basically three times the amount of the next closest competitor.  It was also the 2nd time in his career that he pulled off the daily RPS double, which is fairly rare.  He joins the rank of Commissioner Urbanus and 2012 PBRPRPSCLCS Champ Paper Tiger as the only ones to do that this season.  That’s some good company!

Also of note was the return of the Raisin (below), who was last seen (and first seen) at the Raven Lounge back in good old 2010.  He lost to masked player named Dogulo de Perro (it was revelaed that this was actually dOGulas after he was eliminated).  The Raisin wasn’t as successful as last time, losing his only match, but he did supply the players with many, many boxes of raisins.  the raisins were surprisingly very popular, perhaps even moreso than the free Red Stag the Raven Lounge was handing out.  Who knew?

It was also the first time the PBRPRPSCLCS knows of that a new player attended a tournament from inside the womb.  That little player is going to get a framed declaration from the PBRPRPSCLCS for the nursery when the time comes.

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