127 Hours Scores Big At El Bar! Helps Boost Rockturnal Emissions.

It’s already week 3 of the PBRPRPSCLCS and it was another great night at El Bar. Rockturnal Emissions was looking to try and close the gap on team points and they definitely put themselves in a great place to do so. After many of the Blackouts got knocked out early in the night, Rockturnal Emissions would find two of their players in the final four. 127 Hours (2012 Rookie of the Year) and Toilet Paper (currently making a run at this years rookie prize) would give them a chance to score big points to start the week off.

Unfortunately for Toilet Paper, she would be knocked out by, last seasons 3rd place winner, Mikey 2 Bucks. She did gain herself 4 points though which will definitely help her rookie case and her teams total. 127 Hours eliminated Hellcat to meet Mr. 2 Bucks in the final match. Mikety 2 Bucks was feeling very good about his RPS playing, for reasons that we will mention later, and looked to take the nights championship from 127 Hours. It would prove to be a much harder task then he thought as he would find himself on the losing end of many perfectly primed throws. 127 Hours would be the nights champion and would move herself up the rankings by more then 5 places.

It wouldn’t be all bad news for Mikey 2 Bucks though. He took the nights Street RPS title in a score of 75-65 over Panty Bandit, who won Street RPS 3 out of 4 nights last week. Had Mikey 2 Bucks been able to win the Championship match he would have entered the exclusive Daily Double Club which currently includes many veteran players such as C. Urbabus, Paper Tiger, and Dick Nasty. No one here at PBRPRPSCLCS HQ would be surprised if Mikey 2 Bucks has a chance to do this again in the near future.

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  1. urbanus says:

    I was surprised to see Mikey 2 Bucks picture up on the site during the regular season, as that hasn’t happened since he began competing professionally in 2008. It’s a shame the streak has ended.

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