An Old dOG Learns New Tricks In September At El Bar!

With Summer gone and Fall upon us it was time for the PBRPRPSCLCS to return to El Bar for another edition of off-season Rock Paper Scissors. As usual, the El Bar brought us some familiar faces not often seen outside of Fishtown, and the were eager to get there priming hands ready to play for the chance to be named the best of the best (at RPS). The lights dimmed on the stage and the games began.

They say that every Dog has his day and it has been many days since dOGulas, of Rockturnal Emissions, has seen his. In fact, you would need to go all the way back to May 10th of 2011 to find his last tournament victory. To be fair, it should be noted that dOGulas has won countless Street RPS tournaments and has also seen the Championship match a few times since, but has not been able muster up that final win to become Champion. This would all change for him on this warm September night as he cruised through the competition to win himself some prizes and above all bragging rights. You can find him pictured above surrounded by his Rockturnal teammates. dOGulas is looking to repeat his success this upcoming season as he prepares a new strategy that some call being well rested.

Also worth noting about this particular off-season even is the fact that Kingpin has switched affiliations and is no longer playing under the umbrella of The Blackout Motherf*ckers. Now that he has joined up with Rockturnal Emissions he had the chance to share in the glory with his new teammate by winning the night Street Tournament. He earned himself a gift certificate to the El Bar as well as first street victory of the off-season.

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