Big Booty Judy Victorious As Blackouts Sweep The Night!

It’s been a very exciting season so far. We’ve seen many new players and even had a number of the events sell out of street dollars (people love their Pabst Blue Ribbon). Week 2 came to an end on Thursday night and it was a very strong finish for The Blackout Motherf*ckers. They came into the second week of the season already establishing themselves as total team points leaders and looked to extend that lead with thier performance at Connies Ric Rac. With a strong turnout for their team they were able to score the first team sweep of the season.

The final match came down to Big Booty Jody of the Blackouts against The Chicken Thief of Mason Order.Chicken Thief might be a rookie player, but he is no stranger to the finals. In just eight tournaments played he has been in a finals match up three times, two of which were back to back. So far he had split the original two with a win and a loss. After losing to Sir Faust just one night before he was ready to win his second career tournament. He wasn’t able to pull it off though as Big Booty Judy wasted no time in defeating him. In a landslide of a match Big Booty Judy won her first career event and secured one half of a team sweep on the night.

The other half of the sweep would come from Panty Bandit. This probably came to no ones surprise at all since she has now won Street RPS four out of eight nights of the season. She beat Paper Tiger out by a total of 189 to 59. This helped her pad her current lead on Total Street for the season. At this point, no one else is really in striking distance.

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