C. Urbanus Eludes Paparazzi After Big Off-Season Victory At Raven Lounge!

With the 2013 Championships in the books we headed into July and looked toward the Off-season. Sometimes referred to as the Spring Training for RPS players, competitors have time to work on there strategies after having just gone through the grueling regular season. The first test of the off-season came on July 24th when we headed to The Raven Lounge for the first summer tournament.

You could see the excitement in the rejuvenated veterans as well in the new players looking to get their first taste of Rock Paper Scissors glory. Since there are no teams during the off-season it is an every man (or woman) for themselves and many players had to play members of their regular season rosters.

When it came down to the Championship Set, the two remaining players would be two of the longest tenured people in the Philadelphia RPS circle. Frankie 13, who has been playing competitive RPS since 2005 had to face off against the man who started it all, C. Urbanus. Neither player wanted to lose this match, although perhaps for different motivations. In the end, the day would go to C. Urbanus (not pictured above), as he defeated Frankie 13 in the fifth match of the best of five Championship Match.

On the street side of the nights tournament things looked very similar to the way it was just a 6 weeks earlier at the 2013 Season Championships as Hambone would once again take the prize. He had actually handed in the second largest stack of money for the night, but Chicken Thief wasn’t sure if he had enough to beat him and decided to play for the whole thing. Unfortunately, he fell to Hambone in a full hustle match.

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