C. Urbanus Performs At Hall Of Fame Level With Win At Connies Ric Rac!

Week 6 ended with quite a showing from long time RPS icon, C. Urbanus. Having competed in many international tournaments, including many World Championships, and being honored in the RPS Hall of Fame in Norway (as shown in his photo), C. Urbanus has a way of intimidating opponents in a way that not many can claim. Urbanus clearly took advantage of this factor as he progressed his way through the tournament Thursday night at Connies Ric Rac, all the way into the finals. It was there that he would meet a Sweetji, a veteran player in her own right. Sweetji used her four years of experience to break through the first four rounds of play, eliminating some other highly experienced players in her path. What would happen when a veteran player met an icon of the game in a championship match up?

Well if you had guessed that C. Urbanus would use his knowledge of global RPS strategies to seal the deal on a victory for the night then you would be correct. Urbanus quickly took the first two matches of the game and set himself up at championship point. Sweetji was not going to be put out that easily though and clawed her way back in match three to force at least one more match. That was as far as it would go though as C. Urbanus would win the whole thing by a score of 3 matches to 1. Later, Sweetji said, “It was an honor just play against him in a championship match.” and Urbanus agreed.

Street RPS would be about the tale of a man who’s face was on the dollar. After losing out on street a few weeks ago when his 2013 dollars first premiered, dOGulas was not prepared to let this second opportunity go to waste. As he frantically hustled around, trying to slay everyone possible in order to get each and every dollar possible, it reminded some players of the style once employed by retired street specialist Dick Nasty. This paid off big for dOGulas as he ended up beating out the only competitor that he has refused to play in street this year, Panty Bandit. There have been many nights this season where dOGulas has turned in a big stack only to be out done by Panty Bandit, but tonight was not one of those nights. He ended up defeating her by a total of $130 to $110.

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