Cherith Cute Story Denies Von Damonator at Dirty Franks!

The Mason Order may be new to the PBRPRPSCLCS this year, but they’re recruiting and winning like old pros.  The newest member is Cherith Cute Story, who was the last person to sign upat Dirty Franks and also the last person standing at the end of the night.  He sealed the deal with a pretty easy looking 3 match to 1 victory against Von Damonator.  While Von Damonator has been playing since RPS came to Frank’s during the great mid-season venue change of 2007 and is the captain of the house team the Dirty Dozen, he still hasn’t been able to win a tournament on his home turf.  Chertith Cute Story was pleased to keep this streak going and said it was “a heck of a way” to kick off his RPS career.

While his points won’t count towards the MO’s team points (team points for new players recruited during the season start accumulating in their 2nd tournament under that team), it still counts as a win for the Mason Order – and that gives them 4 wins this season all by different players.

Now if you want, you could say that Von Damonator “pulled an Mikey 2 Bucks”.  Just like Mr. 2 Bucks the night before, even though he lost the Championship he did end up with the most Street dollars and an extra two points.  Small consolation for losing the big one, but dOGulas does seem impressed in the picture.  Panty Bandit was in 2nd by a score of 138-69.

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  1. dOGulas says:

    Of course I’m impressed…half of that was MY money! DAMN YOU DAMONATOR!

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