Hambone Looks To Prove He Is The Best Pound For Pound Player This Year!

This season has been a tale of two Hambones. The first half of the season didn’t seem to be going very well for the 2009 Rookie of the Year, but it seems that he truly found his stride around the mid point of the 2013 PBRPRPSCLCS. He started his hot streak with a win at Raven Lounge way back in week 3. He never fully went into a slump after that. Instead, he played a consistent game which rarely saw him exit in the first round. Fast forward to week 7 and Hambone would hit pay dirt at Raven Lounge once again. Since then he has been trading tournament wins with Kingpin. Thursdays tournament would go to Kingpin, but Hambone struck right back by chalking up another victory on Monday night. Not to be outdone on Tuesday, Kingpin decided that he could use a double points win. So when we headed out on Wednesday to the Raven Lounge, Hambone was looking to alternate one more time by scoring his fourth season triumph.

If anyone had a doubt that he could pull it off they would be proven wrong. After defeating Sweetji in the final four he would make his way into the final match for the fifth time this season. There he would meet Hipster Thrifter, who is no stranger to the finals herself, once she eliminated Betty Berkowitz. This meant that the championship round would feature the two players with the highest winning percentages this year. That didn’t mean that it would be the most exciting finals of the season though, as Hambone swept the game 3 matches to 0. This gives Hambone a match record of 32-12 and a winning percentage of 72.73% for the 2013 season, which is a pretty impressive number. His two double points week victories have propelled him into 3rd place in the standings with an outside chance of making a move for Total Points.

So far this week Rockturnal Emissions has dominated the Street RPS game. Wednesday night would have to closest street totals we have seen all season. dOGulas ended up victorious and Rockturnal Emissions would continue to show their dominance on the street as he defeated Big Booty Judy by a score of 188-184 (don’t worry, it was double counted for accuracy). This would prove to be a controversial victory though as Big Booty Judy would end up finding 33 dollars that she forgot to hand in. Since the totals were already counted, and second turn-ins are not allowed, she learned the hard lesson of making sure to check all your pockets. This is a lesson that even your RPS Commissioner has had to learn the hard way on more then one occasion.

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