Hambone Rocks Second Season Victory As Rockturnal Emissions Rolls Another Week 7 Sweep At Raven Lounge!

It has been a pretty good week for members of Rockturnal Emissions so far. On Monday night they managed to sweep the whole thing with a tournament win by Emilio RPStavez and a Street RPS victory by Sir Faust. Tuesday wasn’t quite as good to them since Rusty Primes took both Street RPS and the tournament all by his lonesome. By the time we got the Wednesday night at Raven Lounge they seemed to be prepared to give it there all, which is exactly what they need if they intend to catch up in the team points race. They had five players out on the night, but only two of them would see it past the first round. Round two cut that number in half, so it was Hambone standing alone as the last member of Rockturnal Emissions that could possibly take home the victory. He used his background as a former doctor to surgically eliminate everyone he faced and found himself in the finals.

The finals would not be as easy a task though. Long time player and veteran of the PBRPRPSCLCS, Silly Putty, also had a great night that lead her to face Hambone in the championship match up. Things didn’t look good for Hambone as things started off. Silly Putty quickly took the first match and was on the verge of taking a second before Hambone buckled down to tie the game up one match a piece. He would once again drop a match to Silly Putty, and then again steal the next one out form under her. As we got into the fifth and deciding set of the finals, Hambone was visibly nervous and perhaps second guessing his own throws. Each player would score a point which set it up for one final throw. As excitement set into the crowd, these two powerhouse players clearly knew too much about each others play style and tied with a pair of scissors. The next throw would prove to be the last as Hambone threw a well places rock crushing the scissors of Silly Putty and making him the nights Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors Champion.

Sir Faust has really started to find his groove on the street in Week 7. As previously mentioned, he was the Street Winner on Monday night and he would repeat that on Wednesday. He defeated Panty Bandit, who has had a streak of second place street finishes lately, by a total of $119 to $75. Interestingly enough, $119 was the same amount handed in by Rusty Primes the night before when he secured his own Street Victory. Perhaps, there is something magic about that number. Either way, it got Sir Faust an additional two points towards his season total, and he is now just two points behind Panty Bandit for the total points lead.

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