Hambone Turns The Lights Off On The Blackouts As Rockturnal Emissions Sweeps The Night!

Week 3 has been a very good one for Rockturnal Emissions. They already won a tournament Monday night and have been able to put up a decent amount of points on the week thus far. Wednesday night would prove to be no different as Hambone would have to face a gauntlet of Blackout Motherf*ckers to find his way into the nights finals. In his first match he defeated Dr. Dre, the player responsible for taking away former Dr. Hambones PhD. Then he would have to face Kingpin who is a new member of the Blackouts this season. That wouldn’t slow him down though as he would gain entry into the third round only to face yet another member of the Blackouts. Betty Berkowitz put up the best fight she could, but it would seem as though it was Hambone’s destiny to play in the championship match.

Meeting up against Hambone in the finals would be Schizophrenic Cock Slapper. S.C.S. had been to one championship match in his career before he found himself there again at Raven Lounge. It is worth noting that he did win his last time in the finals. The match up between these two players would prove to be very exciting. Hambone quickly found himself up with a 2 matches to 0 lead. As fast as he found himself on down though, the Slapper of Cocks would tie it up taking the next 2 matched of the set. For only the second time this season, the championship would come down to a fifth and deciding match. Schizophrenic Cock Slapper couldn’t hold onto the momentum and Hambone would end up taking the final set without giving up a point. With that win Hambone has shot himself up the rankings, jumping more then five places.

Rockturnal Emissions wasn’t done yet though. Hambones teammate, Sir Faust, chalked up his second Street RPS victory this season. He defeated Rock Hard by a total of $138 to $116. When asked about playing for it all Rock Hard confidently declined, believing that he absolutely had the largest stack of fake money. As Sir Faust was announced as the nights winner you could see the confusion come over Rock Hard’s face, realizing that two points had just slipped away from him. Those two points did help Sir Faust out very much though as he put himself into a tie for first place season points total with Panty Bandit.

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