Hipster Thrifter Runs Clearance Special On The Rest Of The Pack

It was a great night at Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar this Monday. With the regular season fast upon us our final off-season tournament did not disappoint. There were many familiar faces in the crowd and good amount of new players (possibly looking to become the next rookie of the year) as well. When it was all said and done, it would be Hipster Thrifter (left) who would claim the nights championship title. This didn’t come as too much of a surprise for anyone here at PBRPRPSCLCS HQ since HIpster Thrifter did come in second place at last seasons Championship Event. In the final match it would come down to facing Rock Hard, who had actually won the most individual tournaments last season. Having to face a player with such success was no challenge for Hipster Thrifter though as she swept swept the matches 3-0. Let’s see if she can carry this success into the regular season which begins April 22nd at the El Bar.

Then there was the story of street dollars. With a good amount of money in circulation you could see that everyone was ready to get there street game back in order after the long off-season break. Full hustles, half hustles, and all your favorite street games were being played in an effort to come up ahead of the pack in total dollars. Former├é┬áCommissioner and Founder of the PBRPRPSCLCS, C. Urbanus (right), would end up the the big winner on the night. Proudly sporting his “Original Steak & Hoagies” shirt, he defeated the next runner up, dOGulas, by a total of 104-90. dOGulas decided not to play for it and found out that sometimes it’s not always the best decision. With a little less then 2 weeks to the start of the season everyone looks geared up for their shot at this years title.

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