Jayne “Dough” Honors Jayne Doe With First Career Win At Connies Ric Rac!

The new RPS Street Dollars have been introduced this week and last night at Connies Ric Rac we premiered the Jayne Doe (2012 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion) dollars. In honor of her friend who cannot be with us this season, Betty Berkowitz played as Jayne “Dough” (clever) for the night. Betty has been playing since about halfway through last season and had yet to win a tournament. That would all change for her on Thursday night as she defeated her now former teammate, Annie Oakley (pictured with Betty Berkowitz), to claim her first championship victory. This provided a nice boost for her in the standings as well as for her team. The Blackout Motherf*ckers had a huge night scoring 22 points for their team and increasing their lead for team points this season.

The rookie of the year race tightened up even more last night as Special K pulled even with The Chicken Thief at 35 points a piece. If that isn’t enough, Toilet Paper now stands only 2 points behind them at 33. It’s a very close race between these three players all representing different teams (The Blackouts, Mason Order, and Rockturnal Emissions). With half the season still ahead of us it remains anyone’s title to grab.

Panty Bandit scored another Street RPS victory on Thursday night (surprised?). Even with complaints that no one wants to play her in street anymore, perhaps due to the dominance that she has displayed, she still managed to hand in $185 on the night. This was enough to beat the next two stacks combined. She refused to play for all the money and beat out dOGulas who had the next highest total at $120. Her season total now stands at $1414.

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  1. dphilly521 says:

    Way to go, women, sweeping the week. Congrats. Let’s step it up next week, guys.

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