Julia Rad Wins The First Tournament Of 2013 Plus An Early Look Into The Season.

It was a packed house at the El Bar to kick off the start of the PBRPRPSCLCS 2013 season. With 38 players in attendance you could see veteran faces as well as many new competitors looking to make a name for them selves on the Philadelphia RPS Circuit.

We got to see some established teams from the past including Heart Cutters and The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. After looking at the first night of the season though it would appear that The Blackouts are really trying to go after the coveted Team Prize this year. They seem to have taken up a major recruitment in the off season as 9 of the 38 competitors were affiliated with their team. Speaking of that coveted Team Prize there has been a major shake up in the league. RPS Speedwagon (Team Winners 2010, 2011, 2012) has been disbanded and reformed. Now playing under the name Rockturnal Emissions they also seem set to compete for this years Total Team Points winner. But after losing B-Pac, Dick Nasty, and Contact Boner (formally One Armed Scissor) Do they still have what it takes? Or maybe it will be one of the three other new teams that registered that will take it home.

Now we are all caught up on the changes let’s get down to the action. With almost as many new players as veterans on the night there were a surprisingly low amount of penalties seen. Everyone seemed to have been practicing in the off season to ensure their best chance at victory. It final match would inevitably come down to one veteran player and one rookie player as Sweetji would square off against Julia Rad for the nights glory. I wish that I could tell you that it was a real nailbiter, but Julia Rad seemed to control this thing from the gate. By not giving up a single match to Sweetji, and only one point in the second match, Julia Rad swept the game by 3 matches to 0.  Although she claimed to be a rookie, Julia Rad was playing with the patience and precision of a true professional through the night as she tore through many of the games toughest opponents. She was undoubtedly the nights RPS Tournament Champion.

Then there was the story of Street RPS. Every street dollar (over $400) was out in circulation last night. With all the excitement of the new season the bar ended up running out of street to hand out for the night. Everywhere you looked you could see people hustling, half-hustling, and trying to get every buck they could. In the end though one player would have more hustle then the rest as Panty Bandit found her stride and cleaned out a lot of pockets. She opted not to play for it and stuck with her total which allowed her to defeat dOGulas by a total of 153-70 to claim the title of the nights Street Winner. dOGulas still holds a slight 7 dollar lead over Panty Bandit for season Street Totals as he had previously handed in 90 at the Pre-Season event that carry over into the seasons scoring. It looks like Street is already one place where the old rivalry between The Blackouts and Rockturnal Emissions might just spark up again.

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  1. dOGulas says:

    Reminds me of the old Package vs. Majestic 12 rivalry…back in the halcyon days of our beloved fake sport.

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