New Player Heidi Finds Victory At Dirty Franks!

There aren’t many things more enjoyable than a beautiful summer night, but if you throw in a PBRPRPSCLCS off-season tournament in the mix, you can definitely make it even better. That’s exactly what happened this Tuesday night when the August tournament kicked off at Dirty Franks. C. Urbanus was unable to play after winning the previous off- season event in July due to the fact that he would refereeing the nights matches.

There were some new players in attendance who played very well spoiling the night for many of the long time competitors. Most of those who were ranked highest on the leader boards of the 2013 season saw an early exit in the first round of play. This was surely an indicator of things to come for the rest of the night. It would be rookie player Heidi that would eliminate all challengers, both new and old alike, to walk away as the best RPS player in Philadelphia this night. It remains unclear if she was using a fake name or not, though some speculate that she could be an underground member of the long lost Real Name Brigade who have not been seen since 2010.

After Hanbome had managed to win bother the previous two street tournaments, one of which was at the 2013 Championships, it seemed expected that he would make a run for it all over again. But alas, an old RPS Street legend was back on the scene and that proved to be too much for Hambone to repeat for a third time. Dick Nasty, who helped co-create a new (but not often played) street game called a Grover Cleveland, powered his way to a big win. When asked to comment on the how this Grover Cleveland game worked he responded, “If you don’t know, you can’t afford it”.

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