Paper Tiger Roars At Connies Ric Rac! Smoking Pass Not Included.

It was a fantastic night for the Paper Tiger and his team, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. After starting the season off in a bit of a slump, Paper Tiger would find himself in the final four with two of his teammates (J. Martin Hill and Mikey 2 Bucks) there to join him. The only non GBU Member in the mix was Hipster Thrifter, of the Heart Cutters, who has been having a great season thus far. Paper Tiger knocked out his own teammate, J.Martin Hill presents “The Small Death” to make it into the final match. Mikey 2 Bucks was eliminated by Hipster Thrifter to set up the championship round.

Both of these seasoned players have seen success throughout their professional RPS careers. Paper Tiger of course was our 2011 City League Champion while Hipster Thrifter placed 2nd at the 2012 Championships. It was a sight to see such well regarded players square off against each other. In the end, Paper Tiger would be the one to walk away a champion. It is a nice point boost for both him, gaining 8, and his team, who combined for a total of 17 points on the night.

Street RPS saw some pretty aggressive playing both inside and outside of Connies Ric Rac. This resulted in 2 very large stacks being turned in for the night. Panty Bandit won yet another Street RPS title bringing her total to 5 this season. She defeated Sir Faust by a total of $170 to $156. The extra two points she received ended up keeping her in first place over Sir Faust in the total points race. She now leads him by a single point as week 3 closes out. She is also on pace to break the single season street record having now turned in a total of $1010 in the last three weeks.

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