Status Update: Where Things Stand Coming Into The Final Night Of The Regular Season

2013 has been an amazing season and before I get into the way things look in the standings I want to thank everyone who’s dedication to the game makes this whole thing possible. My first year as League Commissioner has been a truly fantastic experience and I hope to be able to bring you many more years of RPS competition. From veterans to rookies, I have seen more dedication this year then in any other year I have been involved with the PBRPRPSCLCS and for that I owe you all my gratitude.

With one final tournament left to play before we head to the Championship Event, there is only one prize that has been clinched so far. The rest are still up for grabs and some of them are way to close to call with many competitors able to pull off an upset victory. Here is where it all stands going into tonight’s event.

Season Street RPS Total

Panty Bandit – $2239

This one is clinched. The next closest competitor would need to hand in over $900 to catch her record breaking total and since there is never that much money in circulation, this one is in the books.

Season Total Points

Sir Faust – 83

Panty Bandit – 82

Hambone – 75

dOGulas – 73

Rock Hard – 71

This is the closest total points race I’ve ever seen and a big night from any of these players could propel them to the top of the standings.

Rookie of the Year

Big Booty Judy – 64

Kingpin – 62

Hellcat – 59

Toilet Paper – 58

This is the closest Rookie of the Year race since the 2010 season. That year The Neutral Finger trailed his teammate, Dick Nasty, by only 2 points going into the final night of regulation play.

Team Total Points

The Blackout Motherf*ckers – 367

Rockturnal Emissions – 339

Only 28 points separate these teams going into the final night. Although it is a lot of ground to make up it is still mathematically possible for Rockturnal Emissions to come from behind if they can manage to pull off a big night.

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