The Scappler Predicts Domination, Imposes Will On the Competition Field in 1st February Tournament!

The Scrappler walked into Dirty Franks last night a mild mannered guy looking for a drink and exited a loud mouth braggart with the victory to back it up.  Somewhere in between, he told everyone how good he was at RPS and then proved that this was, in fact, true.  The PBRPRPSCLCS has seen this attempted many times, and with the exception of one fluke victory by Bad Boise (from South Philly) it’s never really been a great strategy.  But The Scrappler made even the ref into a believer as he methodically eliminated every opponent, seemingly never in danger of losing a match.

He came up against Hot Momma in the finals, who may have been emotionally and physically exhausted after getting the better of her older sister in the semis.  Despite whatever excuses one could make, the Scrappler proved he was the best on the night and promised to be a Dirty Franks regular once the 2013 season roles around.  So we’ll find out if his game can stand the test of time (specifically 8 weeks time).

The One Armed Scissor took home the Street Prize and as you can see, Richard Classy was pretty excited, dOGulas was kind of like whatever and someone else couldn’t even bother to get their whole face in the picture.

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