Betty Berkowitz Tries To Get Eliminated Early But Wins Against Her Own Will At Dirty Franks!

We had some visitors to the PBRPRPSCLCS at Dirty Frank’s on Tuesday night as Pabst Blue Ribbon sent in a film crew to get some footage of the league for a documentary they are putting together. With the prospect of being filmed, everyone who competed tried to bring their A game. The one exception to the rule was Betty Berkowitz of the South Philadelphia Leisure Sport and Social Club. As always she showed up and played in the most leisurely fashion possible. While everyone else bought into the hype and got into their own heads, Ms. Berkowitz remained as calm and cool as ever.

This paid off big for her as she breezed through the tournament and into the final match. Betty Berkowitz had yet to make it to the championship match this season, which isn’t something she worries about as she is usually too busy socializing in her leisure time to focus on her performance.  It was here that she met up with Hellcat of My Team Wins. In a match that some people may talk about for ages, but Hellcat definitely wont, Betty Berkowitz defeated her opponent handily by a score of 3 matches to 0. When asked for comment Ms. Berkowitz said, “I really wanted to lose early, but I guess winning is alright too.” This win is sure to boost her up in the season standings and marks the first win this year for her team. Let’s see if her teammate and follow leisure sport enthusiast, Contact Boner, can match her with a win of his own.

Street RPS was pretty exciting as well, mainly because Panty Bandit didn’t win again. There was a pretty good of money out on the street but no one competitor managed to horde it all and there were many close stacks handed in. In the end it was rookie player Bobby Bouillon, of Scissoring Bobcat Consortium, taking the title of Street RPS champ by defeating Big Booty Judy $85 to $75. The gives Mr. Bouillon two extra points towards his season total not to mention this epic photo to the right now being immortalized on the internet.

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  1. SirFaust says:

    That IS a pretty epic street bucks pic!

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