Big Booty Judy Wins One Handed At Murph’s!

For the second of two Off-Season events in November thre PBRPRPSCLCS headed back to Murph’s Bar and everyone was thankful for it. No one was more thankful for it than Big Booty Judy, who hadn’t been able to attend the last few events and was recovering from a broken bone in her arm. Even being short handed (yes we made that joke) she was able to bring her best to the table, making it look easy as she advanced through the rounds. She continued to show her expertise though the, all female featured, final four and eventually through the final match a well. This was the first tournament victory in quite a while for Big Booty Judy and she predicted that there would be more to come in the upcoming 2015 Season.

Street RPS saw the return of a very familiar face in the winners circle. After having captured the Total Street prize last season, Kingpin had yet to recapture the glory of street RPS during the Off-Season. He rekindled the magic on Monday night with the help of a old friend named Pabst Blue Ribbon. Using the delicious beverage to fuel his hungry for the hustle he managed to squeak out a victory by a score of 170-165. Congratulations to both of our winners.

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