BigHeadSam Writes Her Own Story At Raven Lounge!

The 2014 PBRPRPSCLCS Season continued Wednesday night at Raven Lounge and the opening week excitement did not wane. We got to see the first costume offering by dOGulas (a Cobra Commander mask) and the return of B-Pac, who made his first in season tournament appearance since way back in 2011. We also had some special guests with us to film some of our tournament and write an article about the League. Some of the veteran players advised them that in order to really understand the game that they should participate in the tournament themselves. They did just that and it would end up working out well.

Both BigHeadSam and Seattle managed to find their way into the final four. Seattle would see an quick exit at the hands of Big Booty Judy, which might have given him more time to film and take notes. BigHeadSam would see a bit more success as she eliminated One Finger Too Many, in a match that was dictated by rookie moves and points on penalties. In the final match BigHeadSam tightened up her game and managed to put away the 2013 Rookie of the Year, Big Booty Judy. This was the second Championship victory by a first time player in as many nights. Will the veteran players regain their footing on Thursday?

The RPS Street Tournament saw the appearance of a familiar face as Panty Bandit (2013 Street Champion and record holder) put together a large stack of fake money. She was looking to regain her place as a street specialist, but she would have to get through The Chicken Ranger first. Neither competitor would play for the spot so it came down to counting it out. In a very close count it would be The Chick Ranger defeating Panty Bandit by a total of 126-121. It would later be revealed that Panty Bandit had another 60 in her pocket that she forgot to turn in before the deadline, costing her the victory. For The Chicken Ranger it was his second street victory in as many nights, which is good because he is 0 for 3 on the table.

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