dOgulas Reigns Supreme at Murph’s!

As the weather heated up in August, The PBRPRPSCLCS headed over to Murph’s Bar for an Off-Season Rock Paper Scissors tournament. Everyone in attendance was enjoying the beautiful weather, the back patio, and of course the chance to win it all in a game of hands and skill. The new players in attendance didn’t seem to be phased by the game faces of the veteran competitors, eliminating half the feild of play after the first round. The second round of play went largely to familiar faces, with only one rookie continuing into the final four on the night.

From here on out the final two round were dominated by long time players, until only dOgulas (center in above photo) stood above the rest as the champion of the nights games. The Off-Season has been very good to dOgulas over the years, with some players commenting that without the grueling schedule of the regular season he plays with a more focused mind. This definitely held true for him on this night, and he celebrated with his teamates and few Pabst Blue Ribbons.

Street RPS was a different story. With dOgulas more focused on the tournament, and Panty Bandit not in attendance, someone would have to fill in the void and dominate the street games. It would be non other than Vic Vile, a rookie player this past season and quick friend of the PBRPRPSCLCS regulars, who would do the honors. When the two largest stacks of street bucks were turned in Vic Vile declined to play for it, believing that he had it in the back. He was right as he defeated the next closest competitor by a score of 147-98.

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