Hotdog Jiggle Find Off-Season Success At Raven Lounge!

With the 2014 Regular Season and Champioships in the books, we headed to Raven Lounge for the first Off-Season Tournament in July. There were a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, many looking to make up for their elimination from the Championships a month prior, and others looking to simply hone their skills in preparation for the 2015 Season. One player would stand above the rest on this night, and his name was Hotdog Jiggle.

After an early elimination from the Championship Tournament in June, Hotdog Jiggle returned to RPS with a drive to make up for it in the Off-Season. He easily cleared his way through the roster of players, finding his way to the championship match. He was just as unstoppable here, winning the match by a score of 3-1 against his opponent and propelling him to the top, as the nights RPS Champion. His team, The Mighty Morphin RPS Rangers, were in attendance to support him through his championship run.

It remains to be seen if he can continue this success throughout the Off-Season and into 2015, but if this is any indicator of what he will do then things are looking good.

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