Kingpin Runs The Table As Rocturnal Emissions Sweeps The Night!

We returned to Murph’s Bar on Monday night to kick start the third week of the 2014 season. The crowd was eager to get into the action after having gone three whole days without a tournament and you could see signs of RPS withdrawal in the face of some players. This was especially true for members of Rocturnal Emissions  who had won the last two tournaments closing out the previous week of play. Things looked good for them to take home their third tournament victory in a row as both The Neutral Finger and Kingpin made it into the final four.

The Neutral Finger was eliminated one round short of the finals at the hands of our 2011 Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors Champion, Paper Tiger. This was Paper Tiger’s first finals appearance this season, having found it difficult to get out of the first round for most of the events thus far. Although Neutral Finger didn’t succeed in advancing to what could have been and all Rocturnal championship round, his teammate, Kingpin, did manage to get there. He defeated Melasaurus Ranger in the same fashion he had eliminated all the other players before her on the night, by encouraging them to beat him. He didn’t slow either as he got off to a great start in the final game against Paper Tiger. He made his way to Championship point so quickly that even Paper Tiger wasn’t sure if he has missed something. Tiger made a few good moves and looked like he might make his way up comeback trail, but he ultimately met his defeat in a score of 3 matches to 1. This was Kingpin’s first tournament win of the season and the fourth for his team in just nine events played.

While The Neutral Finger wasn’t able to find pay dirt in the regular tournament, he did mange to score big in Street RPS. Of course scoring big on this night meant winning by the skin of his teeth. The Schizophrenic Cat Scratcher (that’s what was written down) turned in a stack of money that looked almost identical to that of The Neutral Finger. After counting and recounting both players turn in’s though it would be The Neutral Finger coming out on top by a total of $141 to $140. Had Neutral Finger not held onto his extra dollar, which he usually reserves for his normal turn in amount, the game would have been a tie. This would have forced a playoff match for the whole stack, which hasn’t happened since the opening night of the of the 2010 season over 4 years ago.

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