Megan Egg ‘N’ Cheese Sizzles Up A Victory At Dirty Franks!

As the second half of the season continues on, we found ourselves at Dirty Franks once again Tuesday night. With more and more players looking to qualify for the Championships, competition is really heating up. All the competitors, both veteran and rookie, seem to be really stepping their game up to score some late season points to climb the rankings. As chance (but more likely skill) would have it, the nights final match up would feature two players who could definitely use a late season push for a better spot in the season standings. This could secure a possible bye through the first round on June 7th and a better chance at winning $1000.

After eliminating Judas Escobar in the final four, Jiggle Ranger found himself in the final match for the first time this season. Things haven’t been so good for Jiggle Ranger and this is the kind of night he needed to help boost season score, and possibly his moral. Meanwhile, Megan Egg ‘n’ Cheese has seen one championship event this season, way back in week two at 12 Steps Down. Since some seem to consider 12 Steps the home venue ]for Megan Egg ‘n’ Cheese, many players seemed to be disappointing that she ended up losing that match up. Fast forward to week six, and she would have a second chance at victory, this time at Dirty Franks. Once she defeated M.D.M.A. in the final four, she was set to take her place at the table with Jiggle Ranker, each looking to take home the the title of Champion.

If you haven’t seen the crowd go wild for a final game before, this was the night to see it. You couldn’t hear anything over the cheering, as both players seemed to have the entire bars support behind them, in what some may call the greatest championship match of the 2014 regular season. The players exchanged throws, back and fourth, each taking control of the match when they needed to, until we found ourselves in the fifth set of a best of five game. Megan Egg ‘n’ Cheese drew first blood in match five, taking the first point and putting herself on throw away from victory, but before you could blink, Jiggle Ranger answered back and it was all tied up. Now it would come down to a final throw to crown a champion. As it would turn out that throw would be a tie, therefore needed another final throw would be needed, and that throw would go to Megan Egg ‘n’ Cheese. She was so thrilled about this that she decided to hide behind a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon in her photo. As for the Jiggle Ranger, when asked for a comment about his lose in such an exciting match he replied, “Hey, you’re gonna have to write about me either way.”

As for the Street RPS tournament things worked out a little better for the Mighty Morphin’ RPS Rangers when the Chicken Ranger, teammate of Jiggle Ranger, defeated Silly Putty by a total of $119 to $95. Chicken Ranger refused to play Silly Putty in a stack for stack game, securing his victory and disappointing pretty much everyone in attendance, as they all wanted to see another high stakes Street Finals. In the end he still walked away with two extra points on the night and everyone celebrated his win anyway.

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