Papel Higienico Becomes First Multi-Tournament Champion At 12 Steps Down!

As week three of the season closed out some of the season prize story lines have started to take shape. Melasaurus Ranger now stands at the top of the Rookie of the Year list, holding a 4 point advantage over One Finger Too Many. The lead for Team Points changed hands as M.T.W. managed to score big on a week that saw low attendance from Rocturnal Emissions. Where it once looked like Rocturnal could run away with it, they now trail M.T.W. by a single point, 111-110. The story for individual total points has remained the same though with Papel Higienico breaking her season open early and she doesn’t seem poised to slow down any time soon.

On Thursday night she would find herself in the finals for the third time this season. So far she had split her record with one win and one loss in the championship round. The last time she was in this position at 12 Step Down it didn’t go so well and she was determined to change it this time around. It wouldn’t be so easy though as she had to play against Megan Egg ‘n’ Cheese, who some would say has home field advantage at 12 Steps. With the crowd and the bar staff seeming to be in her corner Megan Egg ‘n’ Cheese had a shot at stopping Papel in her tracks and winning her first tournament since way back at the Raven Lounge last season. Needless to say, things don’t always work out and Papel Higienico defeated her 3 matches to 2. This makes Papel Higienico the first person to win two tournaments this season and gives her a solid 7 point lead over Kingpin going into week four.

The Street RPS game told a different story. This was the story of how M.T.W. has gained the edge on Rocturnal Emissions. Little by little, they have been chipping away at Rocturnal’s lead in team points and it’s not secret that adding 2 extra points from Street RPS can go a long way if you can pull it off enough. Well it was Big Booty Judy bringing it home for her team on Thursday night to push them over the top. Even more exciting was that she agreed to play the next closest competitor, Sir Faust, for all the money they had. She gave him a walloping in a full hustle game and walked away with $225. This put her in second place for Season Street RPS, behind only her teammate Panty Bandit, by just $11.

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    Lookit those sweet Bobcat koozies!

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