Rod Ham Starts The Second Half Strong With A Win At Murphs Bar!

It’s been a rough season so far for the Mighty Morphin’ RPS Rangers. Sure, Melissaurus Ranger is currently leading the pack for Rookie of the Year, and they did manage to defeated Lord Zed last Thursday night, but they still haven’t managed to win any of the seasons tournaments. So if you can’t seem to win any tournaments then the only thing to do is recruit someone who has already won. This is exactly what the Rangers did a few weeks back when they added Rod Ham to the team after Mr. Ham showed some serious skills in week one, becoming an RPS Champ at Dirty Franks.

It looked like Rod Ham was going to deliver as he made his was into the finals once again, Monday night at Murphs. His opponenet would be non other then the man who played as Lord Zed last Thurday, Kingpin. Having a win already under his belt this season as well, Kingpin was looking to score big in hopes of moving his team back into the first place spot they lost control of two weeks ago. It started off as a back and fourth game as each player took a match a piece. When Rod Ham took a 2 matches to 1 lead it looked like Kingpin was going to force a fifth set by evening the matches out yet again. Unfortunately for Kingpin, but definitely fortunate for Rod Ham, it didn’t quite work out that way and Rod Ham won it all 3 matches to 1. Whats also impressive is that Rod Ham has only played in 4 tournaments this season, meaning that he has won half the events he has played in. Not to mention, he is currently sporting a winning percentage of 83%. Can he keep it up?

On the Street RPS side of things there were three big stacks turned in for the night. Papel Higienico though she had a chance, but looked disappointed as she had the third largest stack and wasn’t even able to play for it all. Fortunately for her she is still in first place for the total points lead. It came down to Uncreative Moses II and The Chicken Ranger. Neither of the competitors wanted to risk the stacks they turned in and decided to stick with it. By a score of $125 to $95, Uncreative Moses II won his first ever Street RPS title and got himself an extra 2 points on the night.

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