The Neutral Finger Answers The Call At Dirty Franks!

It was a packed house at Dirty Franks on Tuesday night and the crowd was eager to see some RPS play. There was some controversy, early on, when Hand Turkey was eliminated and claimed that it was on purpose. Sources close to Turkey say that he was scared of a certain competitor in the crowd, and decided that it was better to lose first round than to have to face this individual later on in the night. No one is quite sure who this mystery threat was, but some speculate that it could have all been a story made up to cover for the fact that he lost. He had gotten himself to game point before letting it all slip away, so it would make sense that he might want to cover up such an embarrassing loss. Perhaps, we will never know.

What we do know is that Sir Faust would find himself squaring off against The Neutral Finger in the championship round of the night. These two competitors used to play for the same team, back when RPS Speedwagon was still around. Once brothers in primes, they now had to face off, knowing that only one could survive. It looked as though Sir Faust could have cruised to his second victory of the season when he took the first match, but The Neutral Finger must have seen something in his throws, and he quickly evened the game out one match a piece. Although, the rest of the matches went for a while, including many tied throws, Sir Faust never saw another one go his way, and The Neutral Finger won it all, 3 matches to 1. This marks the first time that The Neutral Finger has won an in-season tournament since way back in 2010, when he defeated former teammate, Dick Nasty, in their rookie season. While Mr. Nasty did go on to win the Rookie of the Year title that season, some still remember that loss and believe that The Neutral Finger was the better player (at least The Neutral Finger believes this). His most recent victory comes as great news for his current team, Rocturnal Emissions, since Kingpin had lost the championship match for them just one night earlier.

Speaking of the 2010 Rookie of the Year, Dick Nasty returned to the street after a long hiatus from competitive RPS. Playing secretly under the name Herky Jerky, he was eliminated from the tournament in third round, and set his sights on Street RPS. Even though, he felt confident his stack was the biggest, he agreed to play Von Damonator for thier combined stack of $175, with Von Damonator contributing $70 of the total sum.  In a game of full hustle, Dick Nasty defeated Von Damonator by a score of 10 to 8. When asked about his decision to risk it all when he already believed he had the most money, Dick Nasty replied, “I play Street RPS for the thrill, it’s like a drug. All the street bucks that come along with it are just a side effect.”

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